Top 10 books of 2022

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From my first read of the year, Wildwood Creek by Lisa Wingate, to the last The American Pony by Elisabeth Grace Foley, it has been a pretty awesome reading year. I focused this year on reading the books on my to-read list on Goodreads. I was hoping to get the number down to 100, but I didn't make that.  However, I made a lot of progress. 

Here are some of my fun stats. If you want to see all my Goodreads stats, go HERE.

Shall we get to my top ten books for 2022? I know I'm excited to share! But here is a fun tidbit first: For the first time, one author got three slots on my top 10 list!

I was so honored to get an advanced reader copy of this book. Part of me feels like the end was so long in coming. Another part of me can't believe it's over. 
This story was emotional, satisfying, and so full of godly characters and truth. I Ablsutlty adored the fact so much grace, mercy, and forgiveness were extended to people who didn't deserve it or often even want it. It's something we don't see enough of in fiction in my opinion. Read this series and pre-order this book!

This book was a gift from Mom. I've listened/read stuff by Nancy since I was in my teens. This was an amazing book about one favorite Biblical character. Honestly, I got so much out of this while reading through Daniel. It was a wonderful reminder that God is in control. 

#8 ~ The Blackout Book Club

Amy Lynn Green has become a favorite author since her first book. Each book delves into an interesting historical perspective with a story that isn't based on romance. This book explored friendship and she hit it out of the park. I loved it because, in the end, the friendships were so realistic, not everyone is best buddies, or shares everything, but it's still so satisfying. I just adored this story. 

Not only did I read this book and it make this list, but I've started giving it to every couple getting married I know. I loved how positive this book was. So many books recommended to me about marriage make things sound so hard and sad. As a newlywed, I'm not really ready for those books. However, this book was so good about cherishing your spouse for who they are and as a gift from God. I will be rereading this book and continue to challenge myself to cherish Scott no matter the circumstances. 

Here we go, the first of Politano's books on my list. Her books just reached deep into my heart and soul this year. I devoted all of her books and couldn't wait for her next book. She has an absolutely amazing writing style, strong female characters that aren't trying to be guys, and her faith elements are so, so strong. I listened to this book when I was having a rough time and it just helped point me upward to Jesus. 

I'm trying to read a bunch of books on friendship, as I'm feeling it's an area in my life I need to work on. This was a good starting place. Honestly, most of this I already knew, but sometimes, we need affirmation or just someone else to state things clearly. There were a few times I did feel I learned something. This book does a great job of debunking culture and even church ideas about friendship that isn't biblical. 

Politano has been my author this year. I devoured her books and plan to get paperback copies so I can savor and underline them. This story I adored not only because the plot was so interesting (it kept me guessing and gasping in surprise) but I just have to say that I love how lies had big, horrible consequences. I'm so tired of books where characters lie and no one is bothered. That's not how it works in the real world.  Yet, this book had such a happy and satisfying ending. 

If you had told me that a book about a girl into fashion and make-up would be on my top ten list, I would have said you didn't know me well. But here we are, with it not only in my top ten but in my top three. This book was an incredible exploration of what beauty is as a whole

This has been my favorite Politano book! This one showed the power and effect words can have. I really enjoyed this one. I also loved how she handled a woman wanting to be a doctor before that was acceptable. She made her strong and wanting to break the mold, but not a whinny feminist who is always upset about the access men have.
I just adored this exploration of words and how they can hurt, heal, and change others.

I did this as a study with my Mom. Susie Larson is always a blessing, but I think this is her best yet. This book has so many applications for everyday life, and dealing with the spiritual warfare we are always up against.  Besides, doing this with my Mom was really awesome. 

What were your top reads of 2022?

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  1. Wow! I really love this list, Sarah!

    I've just added some of these to my Goodreads TBR (which, by the way -- so you don't feel so bad about yours -- my TBR shelf is out of control at 1,800 titles... yikes!)

    Very interested in the Politano novels you mentioned, since I've never read from that author before.