Life, Liberty, and God's Good Gifts

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Today is a rainy day in Texas and I'm working on my to-do list. However, I wanted to take the time today to let all of you know what's been going on in my life. 

In the last couple of weeks, I think it really sunk in that I'm now a part of a couple. It isn't that I didn't realize it before. Yet, there were days when Scott would text me, I would look at a photo on my phone, or look down at our intertwined hands as we hiked and my breath would catch and my brain would have to process all over again that this was real - not a dream or my imagination. 

Scott and me at Washington on the Brazos

Even though my brain has fully accepted the reality, as is usual with this stage in life, I'm still pretty giddy. Scott and go at least once a week to lunch and then a hike. Last week, we probably logged at least five miles and saw some pretty amazing waterfalls.

In Georgetown. It's a little over a two-mile hike to get to this waterfall
This one is in Belton. It was so pretty!

One of the things I have valued about Scott's and I's friendship for years is how we can talk about serious one second, be goofy the next, and go right back into being serious. My family has done this all my life, and it's so relaxing to have a friend who can do it too. We hike and talk about serious topics, are goofy, mushy, and also silent at times. It's a pretty amazing mix that I'm grateful for. We don't take our relationship lightly. We treat it as the serious thing that it is, yet we also have a lot of fun and don't have to be serious or even talking 100% of the time. 

I'm still so humbled by the gift of Scott's love and our relationship. It is a good gift from God's hand that I don't ever want to take for granted. 

Of course, my life is not all about Scott. We took my Mom on a trip for her birthday! We enjoyed Galveston as a whole family. It was rainy, but we packed a lot of fun into the trip. I got to see a mamma and baby dolphin swimming together as we rode the ferry in Galveston. 

Covid restrictions are easing in our area, which meant it was time to celebrate. My church's young adults group, Thrive, took a hike and we went out for ice cream afterward. It was a fun time of fellowship and hanging out with these awesome members of my church family.

On the writing front, while not a lot of writing is happening, I'm about to release a new story!

A Very Bookish 4th of July is going to be an epic collection! Each of the stories is amazing. These collections just keep getting better. Make sure to celebrate liberty this year with this collection.


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What have you been up to?

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  1. Thank You for this latest post. I have been trying to clean up some junk that I do not need anymore. I just finished reading the American Girl Addy books. I am now reading Killing Crazy Horse.

  2. Hi Sarah, Nice to hear from you. I have been taking care of the outdoor projects. I mowed the grass and hope to seed the front lawn. We have not had any rain in quite a while. I have to wait for rain to seed because the seeds need a lot of rain to soak in the ground. I just finished reading Killing The Mob. I am now reading the fourth book in the Mitford Series:Out To Canaan.

  3. I love this <3 so happy for you, girl.