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Have you made a reading goal this year? Maybe you've made a big one and aren't quite sure how you're going to make it. Today, I'm sharing my favorite apps and resources that help me meet my ambitious reading goals.

Of course, it will probably come as no surprise to you that I love my Amazon Kindle. I read almost half of my books on it. Some on my Kindle Fire, and others on the app for my phone. However, Kindle has a few additional features that have made it such a huge part of my reading.
     A) All the available free ebooks. I especially use it to read classics that Kelsey and I read each month. Whether old or new, free books and samples make this really useful.
    B) Ebooks tend to be cheaper which is a blessing since I'm forever buying more books. 
    C) Perhaps my favorite treat for myself is Kindle Unlimited. I subscribe regularly and read a lot of books by authors I love, and new to me authors. You can get your first month free here.

Of course, my Kindle is far from the only thing I use. I've really fallen in love with audiobooks. Perhaps it is because I can listen as I work on chores and feel like I'm reading and driving at the same time. My favorite app for audiobooks, just for ease of use is Audible. Over the years, I've collected quite a few titles in my library, and they even have books you can listen to free as part of your subscription now! You can get a free month here.

As for audiobooks, I made a discovery last year that helped me kill my reading goal. Scribd has both audiobooks and ebooks you can read all for a flat fee a month. I listened and tried so many audiobooks and ebooks through them. I didn't own any of them at the end, but it was great. Because I'm a member,  you can follow this link and get two free months to try it out and see how you like it. It does have a limit on the number of audiobooks you can read in a month, and that seems to fluctuate. I hit the limit some months and others I had plenty to spare.

Would you like something that is totally and completely free? Librivox has thousands of volunteer read, old books. The quality varies, but I've used this often and have enjoyed many productions. I love using the app on my phone for this. 

Lastly, to keep track of all my books and where they are in my room, I've used the Android app My Library which is free and completely ad-free.  However, I just started using the Handy Library app because I love how visual it is. I'll probably switch between these two for a while.

Of course, Goodreads remains a favorite of mine for all things reading. If you're on, feel free to friend me. 

What are your favorite reading apps and resources?

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  1. Fun post!!! My dad and I just recently started using Scribd, and I love it! And of course I love Kindle. :D I still have dozens of free and $0.99 books that I got in the Black Friday sale! :D

  2. I signed up for Scribd through your link after seeing it here on in your newsletter several months ago, and I love it so much! Commuting to school three days a week gives me plenty of hours for audiobooks, and that app has been my favorite :)