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10:29 AM


I'm looking for some book lovers to join the launch team for my new novella coming out next month, Fanny's Hope Chest. It's the story of a 30-year-old girl struggling to find hope in her singleness.

As part of the launch team, you will get:

~ free review copy

~ some goodies in the mail

~ A chance to earn a free physical copy of the novella 

~ Exclusive giveaways

What is expected of you?

~ Share about the book on whatever online platforms you are on

~ Write a review for your blog and/or Goodreads

~ Have fun with a group of nice ladies

Interested? The launch team group will be on Slack, a business workspace application. No need to be on social media to take part! 

Find the book on Goodreads here:

Apply for the launch team here:

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