Meet the Team: Kate

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This week, I'm going to have fun and let you get to know the main characters of the series. Starting off with the fun little character cards above. Aren't they fun? Well, let's dive in, shall we?

First a little back story: Kate was originally a very different kind of person. She was perky, sweet, and someone no one would believe committed a crime... not even the author. Yeah, that first vision was scrapped and the novel was started over again. Over the course of several revisions, Kate became the character you all know and love. She has deep wounds in her past, is generally mistrustful of others, and an introvert. 

Kate's Relation to the Author: If you met me, you would probably think that Kate and I have very little in common. However, Kate's reaction to many things are my gut reactions, though not necessarily the ones I allow to control me. Also, after I started writing her, I became a lot more klutzy. I blame Kate for this entirely. 😉

Kate was inspired by:  While this series was inspired by the Sue Thomas FBEye, Kate is a character who developed very much on her own. It was so interesting to learn about her as I wrote the story.  Even now, I surprised by some of the things I learn and how she changes. 

If I had to pick a favorite scene with Kate: I would have to say it would be in Kate's Conundrum chapter 23. The emotion in that scene gets to me. 

Finally, here are fun five facts:
1. She hasn't been a big reader, but Kim and Logan are working on that
2. She has two brothers who are both in the military. 
3. Kate did NOT want to be in the military (you'll have to find out why by reading the book)
4. She is an introvert
5. In the next release of the series (book #6), she will be handling a case involving terrorists. 

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  1. Kate is one of my favorite characters in any of your books! There's a lot to her, and I love her character arc. I also identify with some of her traits (like being an introvert, healthy eating, and exercise).