5 Tips for Organizing and Cleaning out your Books

1:00 AM

With book addicts, the situation can quickly get out of hand. With piles, boxes, bags, and an overloaded Kindle. How do you keep them all in some sort of order? Here are some of the tips I use to keep my books in line.

Consider going on a book buying freeze. I know, this sounds crazy. I did this for one year (yes, a whole twelve months) and it was really hard, but it really helped me. I actually valued the books I had and the books I wanted to buy more. It also can be a great way of taking a break to and get what you have in order before adding more.

Tackle the cleaning out of your books one shelf/couple of pages at a time. Sometimes it can be overwhelming to clean up those bookshelves or those thousands of Kindle books you've collected.  Just plan on getting through a portion.

Before you start, make a list of good reasons to get rid of a book. Here are some of the things I ask myself. Will I read it again? Have I liked the other books I've read by this author? What are the people I trust on Goodreads saying about this book? Does this book look interesting to me? Do I have more than one copy?

For your physical books, think of a fun new way to sort them. This can really help to jumpstart the cleaning. Doing something new that you are working toward can be so exciting. For Kindle books, this might mean creating collections. 

Keep the end goal in mind.  It can be hard to get rid of/delete books. However, remember that reducing the number is going to help you be able to enjoy and see what you already have. 

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  1. This might be a silly question, but how do you get rid of books on kindle? I have un-downloaded books before, but they still show up on my kindle even if I don't "own" it anymore. Is there a way to get rid of it altogether?

    1. That's not a silly question. Go to Amazon, then Content and Devices. Search or select the books you wish to delete. There is a delete option near the top of the page.

    2. Thanks so much! That is really helpful! Because I definitely have books that I don't care to read and were a mistake to download, but are probably taking up a ton of space now on my kindle.