Happy Hollisters, Mansfield, and other books

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I've been having a really fun time because I got a special offer for a Kindle Unlimited subscription. There are so many books that I've wanted to read I can now read for free. 

Recently Finished
This book was sweet and fun. It's the kind of book that I wanted to read as a teen. Read my review HERE.

This was a fun read, but not my favorite. You can read my review HERE.

This brought back a lot of childhood memories. I remember Dad reading this to us, and I remember reading these books often to myself.
Read my review HERE.

Currently Reading
I'm really enjoying making my way slowly through this book. The depth of Jane Austen's characters never ceases to amaze me.

This is a reread for me. I love this book and I wanted to revisit it. It's already been a blessing. Read My review HERE.

Up Next
I read the first book in this series and I'm excited to continue it with Kindle Unlimited. The first book was for older readers, but such a wonderful story of God's redemption. 

I'm looking forward to revisiting this series. So, I'm already I've already loaded this book onto my Kindle.

What are you reading?

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  1. I’m currently binge-reading the Anne of Green Gables series! I’d forgotten how much I love them. <33

  2. I am reading the nine part series "Huckleberry Hill": "The Matchmakers"by Jennifer Beckstand. It is about the Amish. I am on book#3.

  3. I am reading The "Elsie Dinsmore" series. i am currently on book#19. I am going to start reading some of my Christmas books and then resume the Elsie series.