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The day is finally here! Since last December, I've been working on a project with some other authors. I've been so excited and now I finally get to tell you about it!!!

Eeek!!! I'm so excited, how about you? J. Grace Pennington, Rebekah Jones, Kate Willis and I each have written a novella for this collection. Each novella is based loosely on an old novel, with a character who loves that book! Trust me, this is going to be an amazing collection. As I've watched these novella's take shape, it's increased my excitement! The stories are:

Molly and Anna by Sarah Holman
Gingerbread Treasures by Rebekah Jones
Sylvie of Amber Apartments by J. Grace Pennington
Love, Jem by Kate Willis

Now, there is one thing that you should know about this collection, It's only going to be available for a limited time. Starting next month, it will be available for preorder and it will be available through December. So, make sure to be ready to get it! You can add it to your Goodreads to-read list now. Click HERE.
 This is my story, Molly and Anna (didn't Jessica Greyson do an amazing job?). Molly and Anna is based on the book Pollyanna. Molly and Anna have been orphaned. Their parents who worked for a ministry to the Latino population died in a car crash. Their aunt, Lacie, takes them in. While Lacie loves her two nieces, she is struggling to come to terms with the death of her sister who left to marry a man their parents didn't approve of.  Of course, there are a lot of happy Christmas things going on too! I can't wait to share this story with you!

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  1. ahhh your books sounds (and looks) so adorable!!!! Love Pollyanna type stories.

    MB: keturahskorner.blogspot.com
    PB: thegirlwhodoesntexist.com

  2. EEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!! I can't wait to get my hands on this book and read all these stories!!!!! :D Your story sounds so lovely!
    After December are these stories going to be sold individually by the authors?
    More Christmas stories to read. :D *starts counting down the weeks until I can read them* :D

    1. Indeed they are! I'm really excited because this collection is going to be available in paperback!

  3. Ohmyword i am SO excited for this!!!

  4. Congratulations on your latest endeavor. The book sounds exciting.

  5. Sarah good luck with your latest book. it sounds lovely, just in time for Christmas.

  6. Eeee! I’m looking forwards to reading this!!