The Story Behind Admirable

5:11 PM

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  1. Haven't read any of Tales of Taelis yet, but I love older-sibling stories! And also audiobooks. ;)

  2. Oops, just saw the question... ;)

    Favorite sibling story--I'm so torn right now! Glancing over the top shelf of my bookcase like a kid trying to decide on a favorite ice cream flavor... I'm wavering between Becoming Nikki by Ashley Elliot and the Firmament series by J. Grace Pennington, but the Quest for Truth series by Brock Eastman is also a very strong candidate. Have to stop looking through my bookshelves before even more pile up--I adore sibling stories! :D

  3. Hey, I remember getting to see Mikayla working on the cover at ADRN - she was Skyping with you while showing us how awesome the sword picture she'd found was.
    I also remember when I asked you about William, but I had no idea you were gonna make a whole story to answer!