Holman Writing Adventure: The Idea for G&G

10:53 AM

I talked about at the beginning of the Holman Writing Adventure series that I wanted to take you from concept to publishing. However, it seems that I haven’t really brought you along with me from the very first with a story. Well, now I will.

It all started when I finished writing Escape and Endurance. I can’t wait to share this story with you, as it is a twist on the old princess-in-a-tower story. However, there was a princess in this story who was very annoying originally, I thought this would be her one and only appearance in a Taelis story, but that was not to be.

I have actually started F&F which is a very fun tale where one of Christopher’s (from Courage and Corruption) children travels beyond to borders of Taelis. However, as I have been working on Fabia’s tale, I found myself writing sections that had some to do with the princess in Escape and Endurance (Fabia’s sister). Suddenly, an old plot idea came to mind of a princess who runs away from the castle. Princess Gail now had a story, but I needed someone who would come after her and a reason they would do it, not just duty.

Philip was a side character I loved in Escape and Endurance and he seemed to be just the man for the job but I needed to give him a compelling reason. In the middle of editing, it came to me – he loves Gail. He knows that he does not have the rank to ever marry her. Even if he did, she is an angry woman who does not love God so he would never pursue her.

Don’t worry, those are just the elements of the story right now. I don’t plan to make the story about the romance. However, I can’t wait to dive into the story about self-control and God’s faithfulness.
That is the concept. Keep reading to find out how this book changes over the next few months.

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