Kate Goes to Austin

1:00 AM

Kate didn't want her photo taken, but when we visited the capitol together, there were a few things she wanted me to pass on.

It is a very pretty building. It was built out of red granite (though Logan insists it is pink)

The Texas Capitol has many monuments.

These are roses that were given by the city of Tyler

You will have to read the book to see why this interested Kate so much.

This is not something you excpect to see

That is right! Texas proudly displays the Ten Commandments on the capitol grounds.

Lots of law books in the library (it was a pretty boring library).

The staircases were cool!

The #1 thing we learned? Do not use the elevators when the legislature is in session.

A huge thank you to Mikayla for the awesome photos.

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  1. Cool! I was just there and was completely breath-taken at the beauty, inside and out, of the Capitol Building.

    1. It is so amazing! It made a great setting for this book.

  2. Just got the email that it's finally available!!!!!! SO EXCITED! BUYING RIGHT NOW! (When I did the blogpost for the first one, I read the entire book in like 2 sittings-- and was very 'into it' the entire time!) YAY!

    1. His Princess,

      I hope you enjoy the second book as well. The best books are the ones you cannot put down.