Why Skirts?

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It was my third week at work and I could tell that she had something on her mind.
“Do you always wear skirts?” She asked, sounding a bit hesitant.
I smiled at her. Had she asked the question of someone before and received a lecture? She wasn’t going to get one here.
“Yes, I do.” I said and sat down at my desk.
“Do you mind if I ask why?” My co-worker asked again.
“Not at all,” I responded as I started sorting through the mail. “My family chose to wear skirts and I, as an adult have chosen to continue. It is a reminder to me to glory in my femininity. God made men and women different, and that is not something to be upset about, but to be excited about.”

For all the stands I have taken in the political and theological arenas, the decisions I get the most flack for is my personal choice in how I dress. Why? Probably because we have all met that very legalistic family, who wears skirts, beats the Bible over the heads of others, and argues with everyone. Because I have chosen to wear skirts, some immediately put me in that category. Isn’t that being judgmental?

When I was very young, my mom and dad were disturbed by the way society was trying to blend guys and girls. Even in the Christian community there was a huge push to have girls do the same things as the boys. So, my mom and dad decided to do something about it. My mom switched to wearing all skirts as a daily reminder that God created her to fulfill a unique place that only women should fill. She also started dressing her daughters in skirts.

Growing up, this didn’t hinder me at all. I climbed trees, rode bikes, and worked hard on our five acers of land, all in a skirt. Sometimes I would put leggings on underneath as a modesty precaution, but when you grow up wearing skirts you learn that it doesn’t keep you from doing much. I always liked the full ones and despised the straight ones. With a full skirt I have just about as much ability as I do in pants.

When I turned sixteen, my parents took me out to a very nice lunch and helped me to understand that I was becoming an adult and as such, I would need to start making my own decisions. One of the ones specifically that we talked about was my choice in clothing. While I was still expected to abide by some modesty standards while I was in their house, I was given the choice to wear pants if I wanted. My parents even said they would buy them for me.

If you know me in person, you can tell that hasn’t changed. Why? Because I saw the value in what my parents had done. Yes, if I felt called into nursing, cleaning up after disasters, or some other job that required pants, I wouldn’t feel wrong in wearing them. However, by the time I was sixteen I had discovered some very important things that caused me to choose to wear skirts:

~ I needed the reminder that skirts bring. I am a do-it-myself I-can-do-what-they-do type person. While I can still do most things in a skirt, it is a reminder to me of my femininity and the God given role I have been placed in.

~ I have found it is a powerful witness that I take my faith seriously. While I have been mistaken for being judgmental, most people know that I take my faith seriously.
~ It is hard to forget to act like a lady in a skirt.

I do not think it is a sin, or even a bad thing, to wear pants. God calls different people to different things. The real question is, what has God called you to? When was the last time you thought of your wardrobe in light of God’s glory?

My challenge to you today is to pull out your Bible and dig into what you think God might be calling you to do. I also challenge you for a week to dress in a girly manner. That might mean putting flowers in your hair, wearing a skirt, wearing those pants with the flower design, or that shirt with the ruffles. What will God teach you through these? There is only one way to find out.

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  1. Sarah, I greatly appreciate your open-mindedness on this matter. Though I know that most families have reasons for the clothes they wear, sometimes they aren't able to verbalize an answer to the "why skirts" question. Thank you for explaining your beliefs and reasons so clearly, and for not being non-judgemental to those who wear pants. It is greatly appreciated. :)

    1. Ohh, this is embarrassing; I messed up that second-to-last sentence. (I'll blame camp NaNo and my brain being void of understandable words.) I meant to say Thank you for being non-judgemental. :)

  2. This is thoughtful, mature, and well-presented. My mom read it and was really impressed, too! I'm looking forward to the rest of the series.

  3. I personally believe that you owe no one answers. But at the same time respect your decision to answer the question. It speaks of your maturity

    I appreciate your transparency here and also your unique ability to enlighten others on Women wearing skirts. There is such a prejudice towards women in society these days its refreshing to see someone stand up for what they believe and not just blend in because, well...everyone is doing it! We want equal rights, yet we want to be treated differently. Its far too confusing at times. Something as simply as choosing to be different in your attire speaks volume to your upbringing and also your adult character.

    Continue to live blessed....

  4. I think this is a beautiful post. I've never heard of women wearing skirts for this exact reason before but it's really lovely. Thank you for sharing the insight. You don't sound at all judgemental. Thank you! :)

  5. Really like this!!!!! I also only wear skirts, and for the same reasons. It is definitely an issue that has been misrepresented.