I am Right, You Are Wrong

9:50 AM

The title is harsh. Some of you probably winced when reading it. Some of you probably thought about not reading this post, but you knew me. You knew that I wouldn’t be nearly as harsh as this post title made it sound.

Over the last two years, I have seen a lot of harsh posts attacking some of the principles and ideas I was raised on. One lady argued with me that modesty wasn’t a biblical concept and that any attempt to tell people otherwise was legalistic and any modesty standards were judgmental. I have had countless articles and conversation with people that told me that my preferred choice for finding a mate (courtship) was flawed to the point of being stupid. I have been told that my personal standards on movies are harsh, legalistic, and cause me to not understand the world around me.

If you will notice on this blog, I haven’t said much about these topics. First off, I didn’t want this blog to become a place for arguments or sensationalized posts. Secondly, I and my family have always been of the opinion that avoiding giving offence when possible is the best route. I might not be able to prevent offense when people see me in person, but I didn’t need to stir up things on the blog.
I have been thinking and praying about it and I felt strongly that it was time for me to speak. It was time for me to talk about some of the choices I have made and why. However, before I delve into them I wanted to make some things very clear:

~ Most of the things that I will be talking about I think have biblical basis, but I also think the outworking of it can look different. I choose to wear skirts, but I do not see pants as a sinful thing. I have chosen courtship for myself, but that isn’t for everyone.

~ Honest questions will be welcome. If you want to know more, please ask. I am not afraid of tough questions or reexamining what I believe.

~ Unlike the title, the next few Tuesdays are not an examination of where I think most people get it wrong, but simply to help you understand the choices that I have made and why. Hopefully they will help you to understand me and others that have made those choices better.

If you could ask me my stance on anything, what would you like to know?

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  1. You are doing great! Sharing what you believe is only 10% for others. What most don't realize is this is how you are taking a stand for what you believe to be important! It takes bravery, self-control, and deep conviction. You are doing great!