Onscreen Adventures: Hot Lead, Cold Feet

7:00 AM

Okay, I am back to playing an old Disney nut. I even started a blog label for it. This is probably the best Disney movie ever made. The acting was amazing, the plot was fun and also compelling, and the theme doing what is right and overcoming the odds are two big themes. This is about twin brothers who have a race to decide the family fortune. One is a wild cowboy, the other a Philadelphia preacher. This movie was a favorite as a kid, and is still a favorite of mine today. 
Pros: Preacher shown as a good guy, acting is amazing, setting is fun, two kids help out the adults, but are respectful and act like kids. 
Cons: Kids talk back the adults once or twice. One quick kiss.

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  1. My brother loves this movie! We've watched it so many times. Always good for lots of laughs. :)