Homeschooled Author's Spotlight: Sci-Fi

2:22 PM

I spend a lot of time working as the administrator of  Homeschooled Authors and some of my recent favorites are from these talented people. Today, I would like to share my favorite sci-fi books that my fellow Homeschooled Authors have written. Click on the image to see the Amazon Page

This series has a Star Trek feel to it, but much, much better. Andy lives and works with her father who is the starship's doctor. She has many adventures that lead her to discover much about her faith.
Amazon review of:

This book was so good. It isn't very long, but it has strong themes of living out your faith in hard times, heart-racing adventure, and great characters.
Amazon Review

This book is written by a number of authors, two of which are home school graduates. I liked some of the authors better than others (see my review) but I found myself enjoying this collection of flash fiction stories about a forgotten planet.

These are short stories with great messages and strong, poetic writing. I really enjoyed these stories that were a cross between sci-fi and fantasy.

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