Onscreen Adventures: The Sound of Music, Live!

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The Sound of Music (2013) Poster

I haven't done any movie reviews in a very long time. Today, I thought I would change that by reviewing the new Sound of Music.

When my mom told me about this, I rolled my eyes and said: "Right, like anyone could replace Julie Andrews." I wasn't even going to watch it. However, when I heard the first strains of music, I decided to watch for a few minutes. After the first few minutes I was hooked.

Yes, there were some sound issues, but that didn't keep me from loving it. Carrie Underwood brought a sweetness and a gentleness to the role that I loved. I have to admit that she seemed more like the type that would try to be a nun than Julie Andrews. I agree with some people that she wasn't the most amazing actress, but neither did I think she flopped. Her voice! She sang the songs so well!

As for Captain Von Trapp... Wow! They did a much better job with his character. You see him being pressured to change his loyalties, and he never wevers. He will not bow to the Germans, even to make his life better. I feel like I finally understand his character.

Some people thought the acting wasn't very good. I, however, saw it for what it was: This was not acted like a blockbuster film, it was acted like a stage production. The Sound of Music was originally a play that they made into a movie. This felt like a Broadway play which I enjoyed. If you are looking for film acting, don't try this. If, however, you love Broadway plays, you will love this.

The sets were so amazing! I love all of them. And set changes? How cool was it to be on one set and for a wall to rise and find yourself in another one. Very creative way to change sets, as well as impressive.

My real worry when I started watching was the romance. Every time I knew there was a romantic scene coming up, I held the control waiting to turn it off. I was pretty sure there wouldn't be anything too awful, but I thought they would up the romance. Although maybe there were a few extra "looks" and the kiss was a bit more passionate, I was pleasantly surprised. They really did keep the sweetness of the romance and didn't ruin it. They didn't have more scenes and excuses for Maria and Captain Von Trapp to kiss. I was so pleased and so impressed.

I may be among the first people to own this on DVD, I liked it so much, and I encourage you to give it a try.

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  1. We saw it last night and loved it! Everyone did a great job! We, too, want to get when it comes out on DVD.

    Have a great day!

    His Princess,

  2. Wow. You were quick with the review! Thanks. ;)