Adventure Between the Pages: Three Teacup Novellas

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Age Appropriate For: 13 and up for mild romance and some mildly scary scenes.
Best for Ages: 15 and up

Description: The last place twenty-four year old Keri McMillan wants to be is back home in Waterford Bay, Oregon. But after two years at prestigious New York University pursuing a degree in journalism, her bank account is drained. Keri is determined to move home for one year - and one year only--- to make some serious money working for her dad's log cabin company, but her goals all go up in smoke when the company's new showcase home burns to the ground. Six months ago, Grant Dawson bought the Waterford Weekly, a small newspaper in his father's hometown. Burned out as a reporter for the L.A. Times and tired of all the inherent politics, he welcomed the slower pace of this Oregon coastal town and the more relaxed lifestyle producing a weekly paper. He enjoys being close to his dad again, a quiet man who captains a whale-sightseeing boat.  Grant is surprised at his unexpected interest in Keri, the niece of columnist Luby Sanders. He thinks Luby is a hoot and can't help but adore her. But she's also playing matchmaker, trying to interest him in her niece. When Keri shows up at a log cabin fire in the middle of the night, she's not the geeky college kid he expected. But he's not about to fall victim to Luby's orchestrations.

Diane Moody is fast becoming one of my favorite authors to relax with. Her characters are so endearing, her plots don’t repeat, and faith always plays a key role in her stories. After the last tea cup novella, I couldn’t wait to read the next one. So, I didn’t waste any time starting.

Keri and Grant were both great characters. Keri had some serious attitude issues at the beginning of the book, which is understandable as she is going through a very emotional time. Grant helps her to change her attitude, get on her feet and solve the case.

This book was fun. It wasn’t as humorous as the last book, but I really enjoyed it. There was a bit of mystery, and two sweet romances.

If you enjoy nice, sweet romances, and novellas with touches of mystery, check out this second book in the Teacup Novella series.

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Age Appropriate For: 15 and up for mild romance and some situations
Best for Ages: 15 and up

Description: It seems everyone needs a second chance. Tracey Collins just left Washington D.C. after her dream job became a personal nightmare. Back home in Jacobs Mill, Tennessee, she quickly realizes she's not the only one needing a fresh start. Her sister Alex is in the midst of a career change, finding new inspiration restoring furniture. Their father, a former pastor who's had his own share of disillusionment, now mentors a strange bunch of misfit bikers who do odd jobs around town as ministry. Among them, an intriguing former attorney named Noah, still running from a painful past, catches Tracey's eye. Secrets are uncovered and hearts are restored in Jacobs Mill as they all work together to renovate an old smokehouse into a new shop called Second Chances.

I have to admit that this was my least favorite of my of the Teacup books so far. I enjoyed it, but it wasn’t my favorite. Let me start with what kept me from loving the book before I go on to what I liked.

I have to admit one of my pet peeves is when people call things their babies or children or talk about inanimate objects like they are people. In this book Alex calls her projects her children and names them. And many of the motor cycles have names and personalities to their owners. I know it is silly that it bothered me, but it did.

The romance wasn’t as good in my mind. Not as much based on character as much as the last two stories. However, I did love how both of them help each other with their problems in the end. Tracy helps Noah with his past, and Noah helps Tracy with a persistent and unwanted suitor.
I loved the historical mystery aspect of this story. The story of the teacup in this novella was by far my favorite. Maybe because I am a history buff. I can’t say anything more without giving too much away.

If you need a quick light read, the teacup books are for you.

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Age Appropriate For: 13 and up for mild romance
Best for Ages: 13 and up

Description: When her best friend prayed for God to "blow your socks off," Olivia Thomas had no idea that prayer would be answered only a few hours later. Stunned by such an unexpected gift from someone she'd helped years ago, Olivia suddenly finds herself with unlimited possibilities. She packs her bags and heads to Caden Cove, a tiny coastal town in Maine, where she hopes to figure out what to do with the rest of her life. Little does she know her reservation at the Captain MacVicar Inn has put her in the path of a historic legend. Trevor Bass owns Caden Cove's only bookstore and dabbles in real estate. All the locals know the grouchy bookseller is an avowed bachelor, which explains their utter shock when he invites a "tourist" to visit their book club. The mere hint of romance sends the town into a frenzy wondering if the object of Trevor's affections could be the next victim of the legend's curse. Will history repeat itself once more in Caden Cove?

This was such a sweet novella. I am very sad that there is only one novella left in the series. Diane Moody is so talented. Each of her books are unique and different.

I loved Olivia. I loved this story about an older woman finding love. I think the subtle message of it being better to wait on the right person even if that means waiting far longer than we would like. This is a message that I think is very important for young people today.

The only thing I didn’t like about the book was the first kiss. I thought it came far too early in the relationship. Except for that I loved everything about it. Olivia and Trevor have their issues and work through them because they believe that their relationship is worth fighting for.

The legend of Caden Cove, Maine was delightful addition to the story. It kept the story moving and gave some suspense to the story.

I highly recommend this whole novella series.

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  1. Okay, I'm going to have to look into buying these. They sound like they might be fun for a light, summer read. Or while curled up in front of the fire for a day.