It's here!!!

4:34 PM

You can now get my latest book on CreatSpace!!! It will come on Amazon and Amazon Kindle soon.

It has been a long Journey to get this book published, but it is finally here!

Adventures and Adversities is an enchanting, faith-filled story, filled with endearing characters who will whisk you away to another time and place for a marvelous page-turning adventure! 
~ Nicole Sager, author of Heart of Arcrea

Author Sarah Holman is a young lady with a heart for God and others. Based on her desire to honor her Lord through her writing, I am pleased to promote Adventures and Adversities. A story of faith and endurance that is sure to warm and inspire.
~ Alica Willis, author of To Birmingham Castle

Through sorrow and suffering, Alditha and Will both learn what it means to trust in God and true love. This story brings to life the medieval era I love best--and it is an encouraging story of what can happen when two hearts turn to the One who holds the past and the future.
~ Rachelle Rea, editor

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  1. Congratulations, Sarah! I'm sure you're soooo excited! I hope to read your book sometime soon.

    Happy Thanksgiving!

    His Princess,