Is it Okay?

2:43 PM

Most if not all of us have done it; I know I have many times. I have wanted some new inspirational music, so I head to Youtube and listen to a bunch I have saved on a playlist. Money is tight, but I want to see a movie, so I go and watch it online. I need a picture for my post, I have the perfect on Pinterest, so I use that. It works well, and it doesn’t hurt anyone one, right?

Today, God really got a hold of me. I realized that I had been doing all those things, because all my friends were, and I never stopped to really consider it. I considered it after reading an artist who talked about how many of his songs had been downloaded from YouTube but how few people were buying his songs. I was angry at the people that did that, and then I realized that I was just as bad. True, I don’t download music I haven’t paid for, but is it any better to listen to it online?

What about all those photographers I have ripped off by using their photos for my posts? Giving a link back to the pin I used doesn’t help them. I am using their work without their permission which is… *takes a deep breath* stealing. Not a fun word, but that is what it is.

What about the movies I have watched online? Yes, most of them I have watched have not been pirated movies. I normally watch things on Hulu or other reputable sites, but every once in a while I have wanted to watch something that wasn’t there.

Over the next few weeks, I am going to go through my blog and take down all pictures and links to things I don’t own. I will also be deleting a lot of my YouTube playlists. I will no longer steal things for my own benefit (and yes it is stealing) and then justify why it is okay. This may make some posts less interesting, because I don’t have a gazillion images; this might make my playlist more boring; it might mean I have to wait a few months to see some things, but I know it is the right thing to do.  Will you join me?

I have created a Facebook group to help inspire and encourage each of us not to use what we don’t own and find helpful resources.

Image above was a free image from iStock jazzed up on PicMonkey.

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  1. I've been feeling this lately, too, Sarah. Thanks for sharing. It makes me think about my own playlists. I've already converted to the pictures part (that isn't bad once you've got your own list of resources), but the movies...well, that's another consideration. I don't watch a lot (well, actually, hardly any), but we have gotten a few. Thank you for the thoughts here! If I was on Facebook, I'm sure I'd join that group! :)


  2. Thank you for posting this Sarah! I've been having concerns about blog photos ever since I started blogging over a year ago, and this really answers my question about whether it's ethical or not to use those photos. I've stopped using them, as far as I can tell. I would like to join your facebook group!

  3. Thank you for sharing, Sarah. I think it's brave of you to put your convictions out here, especially when they might be seen as confrontational by some. I really respect your courage, well done. I try not to use images that aren't mine to use, but it IS hard taking (and obeying) that decision. God bless you as you seek to follow Him in this area.