Growing your own Herbs

8:23 AM

I love growing things. There isn't much that makes me happier then planting seeds and nurturing plants. This year, I decided I wanted to start growing a lot of the herbs we use in our kitchen. I bought the plants to start with, and had fun selecting three pots that we already had to make this fun herb garden.

When one of the plants has enough I think it can spare it, I cut off the excess stems. I cut it several inches above the base of the plant so that it can easily regrow.

This is the mint I picked. Isn't it pretty? It smells amazing too!

Next, I rinse the leaves to get dirt and anything else off the leaves.

Taking a clean towel, I pat it dry. There might be a little water left, but not much.

Now I hang them up to dry. Hang them where they will stay dry for the next three or four weeks.

In a few weeks, You can pull the dry leaves off the stems and put them into jars for safe keeping a use.

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