Writing Saturday: A is for Alditha

1:00 AM

In summer of this year, I will be releasing the first in a new series of books, set in the Middle Ages in the fictional country of Taelis. So today, I am starting a new series that are the ABC's of this book Adventures and Adversities. An ABC series is perfect because each book of the Tales of Taelis, my new series, starts with a different letter of the alphabet. Today, I would like you to meet my sweet heroine  Alditha. and get to know her a little bit.


Age at the beginning of the story: 15

Age at the end: 17

Living siblings: two brothers

Best friend since childhood: Marian

Greatest sorrows: The death of her baby sister and having to leave her home to work at Delmore castle

Greatest joys: Her new found friends, Eleanor and William, and making life better for others

Her Tale: Alditha lived the normal life of a peasant... That is until she is taken from her home to work at castle Delmore in the kitchens. Although the work is hard and the place strange, Alditha soon makes friends with a brother and sister, William and Eleanor, whom she would do anything for. Alditha soon discovers that they are willing to do anything for her, including risking their own lives.
Join Alditha through all her adventures and adversities and her discovery that God can heal our deepest hurts.

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  1. Aww, I love your character Sarah! :D She's so sweet but looks like she would have some spunk too. :) I'm looking forward to reading more about this story!

    Love you!

  2. I just discovered and read this post and I think you capture Alditha really well here. The picture is perfect! Yes ... that's definitely Alditha! :)