Goals 2013

7:43 AM

Last year I accepted a lot of challenges and only managed to do one of them; Read at least 20 books I currently owned. Here is the stack of most of the 78 books Iread this year (some were on Kindle or out on loan when I took this picture)

And here are my goals for the coming year
  • To read as many non-fiction books as I do fiction
  • Submit 12 articles to paying magazines
  • Submit 12 articles to non-paying magazines
  • Blog at least twice a week
  • Write two FBI books
  • Edit and publish A&A
  • Write B&B
  • Don’t miss one MOHL post
  • Keep HA booked at least two months in advance.
  • To be happier in general
  •   To show Christ’s love
  •   Learn to hear God’s voice

What are your goals for the coming year?

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  1. Your list is great. :) I hope you surpass everyone of your goals. I am really impressed by how much you read. :)

    My Writing Goals for 2013:
    - Edit "The Reward"
    - Publish "Duty" (and tentatively "The King of Anavrea")
    - Write "Diaspora"
    - Finish writing "The Sword of Korma Monroe"
    - Finish writing a serialized short story I have started
    - Blog more often
    - Promote more often