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DescriptionGet ready for the adventures of the world's most famous castaway as every thrilling episode of Crusoe comes to DVD! Loaded with action, exciting inventions and romance, the ultimate battle for survival begins as Robinson Crusoe (Philip Winchester) sets sail for the New World. But after a dangerous onboard attack, he finds himself stuck on a remote tropical island with only the assistance of native friend Friday (Tongai Arnold Chirisa) to help him prepare for his hopeful journey back home. 

In a day in age when things like faithfulness to one’s spouse, faith, and strong and healthy male friendships are considered laughable, it is hard to find good movies. I love modern movie magic as much as the next person, but I am not willing to watch most of the really well made films because they are morally bankrupt. Crusoe is a wonderful exception.

My Mom heard this series was good so she bought it for us. Once we started watching, I didn't want to stop, and I didn't want it to end only 13 episodes later. However, I have a new favorite that has a guy who never compromises his standards, even at his weakest moment.

I loved the friendship between Crusoe and Friday.There was only one thing and it happened twice in the whole series and can easily be skipped. I guess since the most scandalous thing Crusoe does is walk around some with his shirt off, they felt the need to have a character that made up for it in some way. One character (Olivia) with her back to the camera takes her shirt off and another time it is implied that she takes off more. She doesn't do this in front of the people but still.. These two moments were very brief and quickly forgotten in the story. However, I would recommend that you skip these parts. One is pretty obvious when it is coming because she is near a pool of water and looks around for people. The other, when Crusoe falls off a cliff when she is there, just hit the fast forward button until you see them walking again. You won't miss a thing I promise. Some people also may find some of this a little gruesome as many people die and are killed.

However, my favorite part of this series is the fact that Crusoe not only loves his wife, but if faithful to her. He has been on the Island six years when the series starts, and he doesn’t know if his wife even knows he is alive. Yet, even at his weakest moment when there is a girl there who wants to comfort him, he stays faithful. My favorite moment is when the girl tries to kiss him. He pushes her away and holds up his wedding ring, telling her he made a vow, and he was going to keep it.

I also love the friendship between Crusoe and Friday. It is 100% guy and so much fun to watch. They look out for each other, teach each other, and encourage each other to be better men.

I highly recommend this series for older teens and adults.

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