After Giving Thanks

10:52 AM

You know, I realized a trend that is happening across the social networks and in my own home. It was a trend that I noticed in myself and I don't like it. This trend has caused me to think that perhaps a name change for the day after Thanksgiving. Perhaps, we should start calling Grumblegiving or Unthanksgiving.

It is so easy to be ungrateful after a day of over eating, spending a lot of time with family, and the like. I got up this morning after not sleeping well with a sore back. As I was sitting on the couch, thinking about how awful I felt, I began to read my social network updates. Funny, many people where doing the same thing I was; grumbling. Others also had bad nights sleep, family arguments, or a scale that showed they had lost progress they had made.

Well, I am bucking the trend. I am going to swim against the flow. I refuse to join in Grumblegiving or anything like it. Today, I will be grateful for what I have and despite how I feel. I will not take out my restless night on my family, or at least that is my plan. Join me in to be Grateful even after Thanksgiving

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  1. Keep it up, Sarah! God has really showed me that, even through difficult trials, we still have much to be thankful for! Hope you feel better soon!

  2. I'll join you on that! I still feel thankful... it's such a beautiful day and there are fun things to do! :)

    Praying that you feel well soon, Sarah!

  3. So good Sarah - I really needed this challenge. {Hugs}

    Love you!