Writing Saturday: E is for Ephesus

1:00 AM

In Aubrey Hansen’s exciting novella, Red Rain, she filled her book with wonderful characters. One of the things that I loved about this book was the names of the characters.  They were so different, so unique, and they fit so well.  I mean, who will ever forget characters named Philadelphia or Ephesus?  The names stick to you as much as the characters do.

When writing a book, naming the character can be hard.  Many of us want a unique name that won’t make our readers scratch their heads or throw their hands up in defeat when trying to pronounce it. Those of us who write fantasy and science fiction also strive to have a method for how we name our characters. Aubrey did both brilliantly by naming two of the main characters after cities in the Bible.

In my Destiny Trilogy, many of my characters are named after stars and space related objects mixed with familiar names.  This fit the science fiction theme of living among the stars.

Whatever your book is, you can use this idea of having a naming scheme to help you name your characters.

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  1. Good tips, Sar! When I first started writing (at the age of 10), I loved unusual names, and the weirder the spelling, the better! Then as I got older, simpler names drew me. You know the characters in my book, and they're all pretty normal :)

  2. I keep trying to get around to listening to "Red Rain"! I have to wait on my mother and sisters though, so... sometimes finding the time is hard.

    Naming a character often is the most difficult thing for me! I try to pick a name that "fits" the character... not always easy though.

    To the KING be all the glory!