Writing Saturday; D is for Destiny

3:00 AM

NASA's Great Observatories continue Galileo's legacy with stunning images and breakthrough science from the Hubble Space Telescope, the Spitzer Space Telescope, and the Chandra X-ray Observatory.
Image from NASA

Destiny is one of my favorite words if you haven't noticed.  Today I want to share a little bit from my soon to be published book The Destiny of a Galaxy.

“Are we going to do some training today?” Daniel asked Quint, placing a helping of eggs on his plate.
“Yes, but I think for today we’ll stick to the simulators. I want you to practice landin’ in the simulator a little more before you try it for real.”
 “Don’t tell me that you are teaching him how to land?” Maria asked, with raised eyebrows.
“I am. Is there anythin’ wrong with that?”                         
“I thought, considering…”
“Hey, I have a near perfect landin’ record,” Quint said defensively, pouring himself some orange juice.
“Near perfect?”
“I only crashed once. It was an emergency landin’.”
“What was the emergency?”
“Daniel, are you ready to go?” Quint asked, deliberately ignoring Maria’s question.

Copyright 2012 by Sarah Holman.  You are not allowed to use any of this without permission

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