PaperBackSwap; An avid readers best friend

6:00 AM

About a year ago, we were about to get rid of a bunch of books when my mom discovered PaperBack Swap.  It is an avid reader's dream, thousands of books ready for the taking.  We have sent out 191 books and received 178 books.  It has been a huge blessing and a big money saver.  Here are a few of the books that you can get right now on PaperBack Swap.

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  1. Oh, I'd forgotten you all mentioning this site! :D Thank you for sharing!

    I have a question: do you have to post books to swap of your own first (I am assuming) before you can get does that all work out? :)

    Love you lot's!
    Have a great day!

  2. Rachel, I'll send you an e-mail that tells you all about it.