Multitudes on Mondays; Politics

6:00 AM

Sometimes it is hard in the midst of all the bickering to count our blessings in the realm of politics.  However, there are things I am thankful for.  Here are a few of them 

#101. That I live in a country where we are still debating the issues, one side hasn't restrained the other from speaking. 

#102.  I have the right to vote.

#103. I can vote without fear (think of all the countries where people risk their lives to vote)

#104. No matter who wins, there will not be rioting in the streets and unrest for days on end.

#105. There are still good men willing to run.

#106. That I work for one of the best elected officials ever.

#107. That there is a value of life in this country (that is why the death penalty, abortion and things like that are still debate topics).

#108. That our government is set up so no one man can ruin it.

#109. Faith is not only talked about, it is considered an asset by many.

#110. God is in control and is working out his perfect plan, even if my guy doesn't win.

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  1. That is a great list Sarah! :D So many things to still be thankful for in our country - thank you for the reminder!

    Love and Hugs!

  2. Thanks Sarah for reminding me there is still some good about our election process and that there aren't all bad politicians out there. I have been discouraged by the "offerings" available to vote for but you reminded me our God is awsome and doesn't make mistakes.