Movie Review; Secrets of the Mountain

7:13 AM

Rated; Unrated
My Rating; (On a scale of 1-10)  9
Age recommendation; All Ages

Plot; (from back cover) Can a family survive an ancient mystery? Somewhere between the demands of her career, her ex's wedding and her kids' busy schedules, Dana James is noticing her tight-knit family starting to unravel. An unexpected offer to purchase her family's mountain property sets up a weekend road trip, which she hopes will bring her family back together. But when they arrive, they quickly learn that the mountain is much more than it seems. An ancient secret and a treacherous quest will test the family like never before. It's an edge-of-the-seat adventure that reminds us that when times are tough, families don't run away from problems - they run back to each other.

This was the first Wal-Mart movie made and the first we ever saw.  I have to say, this was very fun!  It reminded me so much of my favorite movies growing up; treasure hunts, adventure, people overcoming great odds, and bad guys that weren’t too scary.  It felt a lot like an old Disney.

As with “Who is Simon Miller?” and “The Jensen Project”, this was a movie our whole family could enjoy together.  The kids have issues, but they work together in the end; there isn’t anything offensive; and it isn’t scary.

Things you might want to know before watching:  They do show some skulls and bones, but it didn’t scare any of us.  The kids have some attitude issues but nothing real bad.  It has been a few weeks since I have watched it, but I think that those are the only things to caution you about.

Want a good family movie night?  This is a great one for the whole family!

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