Ramblings of a sick blogger

4:55 PM

I have a cold which means some things fall through the cracks.  One of the things that I try to do but don’t do well is write blog posts. So, if this post seems to ramble, know that I usually do better.

Can you believe it?  In just two days we will start our Bible challenge, (chick on the picture below for more information).  I can hardly wait to start reading through the Bible in 90 days!  It is hard to think it has been a year since I did the Bible in Six months challenge; it would seem I am starting a tradition in my life.

What are the other happenings in my life?  Well, I soon will begin training for my new job.  I cannot believe that I will be working at the capitol twice a week for my new representative.  As many of you know, I enjoy politics, and this year I have been heavily involved.  I worked on his campaign and so pleased at the offer to work in his office during the upcoming legislative session.

I have also been busy keeping my writing on target even though I have been sick.  I am hoping to take the first week in January to do some serious writing work, which includes writing some posts for my sadly neglected Writing Saturday.  There will be a post this Saturday, so stay tuned.

One more random note; If you have a Facebook page you can follow my blog through networked blogs.

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