Blog of the Month; Literary Pursuits and Wordplay

12:41 PM

Both of these blog are so good and help me in my writing, I couldn’t decide between them.  So let me introduce you to two of my favorite writers and writing blogs.

Literary Pursuits Button

Literary Pursuits  is written my good friend and fellow Meditations of His Love member Jessica.  Jessica has so many good things to say and so many great challenges on her blog.  If you get the chance, you really ought to participate in one of her Writing on the Weekends challenges, they are really fun.

Jessica and I have been writing buddies for two years now.  She has really helped me with some of my author short comings.

Wordplay is written by the author K. M. Weiland (go here see my review for her book Behold the Dawn).  She has to be one of the most brilliant writers I know personally.  This blog is dedicated to help writers become authors and she is good at that.  She has affected the way I write for sure.
What will be next month’s blog?

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  1. I'm honored that your mentioned Wordplay! It always makes my day to hear that the blog has been helpful to someone. And thank you so much for the review of Behold the Dawn. I'm so glad you enjoyed it!