What a Day

7:50 AM

Yesterday was quite a day at my house, how about yours? I was busy working on editing one of my books when I heard a commotion. I went out of my room to see what it was and found that one of the pipes under the sink had broken and water was spewing everywhere.

We raced down our driveway to shut off the water to keep the whole house from being flooded. Then, we spent a good hour or so cleaning up the water from the kitchen floor and the cabinets. After that was done there wasn’t much we could do until dad got home to fix the pipe. Thankfully we didn’t have to wait long. When mom called to tell him what was wrong he took off the rest of the day and came home.

After a trip to town to get the right parts, Dad soon had the water back on. Isn’t my dad amazing? Thank you Dad!

This little episode made me realize how thankful I am for running water. Think about all the things we use it for in our home that we often take for granted. From filling our glass to flushing our toilet; we depend on running water. That is my thought for the day.

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  1. Thankfully, no frozen pipes here, as of yet. But a few summers ago, a pipe broke in the bathroom next to my room. I looked up from my writing to find a flood of water encroaching across my floor!

  2. Ohhh... how awful! That's happened to my family and I before... burst water pipes can be awful :)

    And yes, I am VERY thankful for running water. Our water gets shut off all the time since we're missionaries (the water just turned on for the first time in two days today), so I think I appreciate it on an even higher level ;) Toilets, as well, since my family doesn't have one. Ah, the missionary life. LOL ;)