Christmas Parties and Gifts

9:27 AM

I had a lot of fun yesterday at a Christmas party for the Republican. It signals the start of the political season for me and many others. Now understand if you don’t agree with what the Republicans stand for, I am not here to try to get you to vote for them. In fact, as I have told many people, I think they should for who they think they should, even if it isn’t my guy. That is what I love about America; we have the right to our own opinions.

Some of you may know that I enjoy working at some political events and have worked many in the past. This year I am planning on working some campaigns as well as many political events. I have a lot of fun doing this working behind the scenes stuff.

But enough about politics, and on to more important thing. I am getting ready for Christmas by making some gifts. I can hardly wait to tell you all about them and show you pictures, but since my family actually reads my blog, it will have to wait. I will say that what I am making is keeping me at my sewing machine a lot.

Are you doing anything special for Christmas?

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