Writing Saturday; Things Every Writer Should Have

9:23 AM

There are some tools which I have found very beneficial in writing a book and/or articles, and today I would like to share a list of them with you.

1. A good baby name book that includes the meaning of the names and countries of origin. Even though I have come up with some names on my own, it is really nice. When I get stumped for a name I can scan through the book and find one.

2. A thesaurus is another helpful tool, especially when writing books set in the past, future or in some fantasy world. You can find some really fun and different words that mean the same thing as cup, crown prince, or store.

3. A dictionary is another good thing to have around to look up the meaning of a word or to learn some new words.

4. I find having some inspiring music to listen to while I am writing is very helpful. It keeps me in the mood to write and drowns out most of the other noise that might distract me.

5. Have an encyclopedia set and/or access to the web so that when you need to look up something from lasers to the history of coffee.

Are there any tools that you have found helpful as an author?

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  1. Great tips! Thanks for sharing! I agree, music helps me while writing. I wrote a report for school and it really helped me to put on some music. :)

  2. To answer your comment. I am planning to go to Arizona. If not then I will see where God will lead me. But, I think He is calling me to Arizona.


  3. Great post, Sarah! I find all of those helpful as well... especially my computer thesaurus! I use it every day ;)

  4. Great post! I find music helpful when I write :) And I usally use a dictonary as well, but that tip on baby name book was helpful as sometimes I struggle with good names!


    Robyn G (or R.J.)
    P.S. Forgive any spelling mistakes this laptops keyboard is so very, very sticky :O