Homeschooling and Me

8:21 AM

This week in addition to filling in for Sarah at her blog post, I have been taking over teaching my two younger sisters for Sarah.

Ever since Sarah was about 13 she has been teaching something in our house. She started out with a medieval study. She not only taught us about the kings and knights, she had crafts that would go along with it.

She was so mature for her age that we would tease her that at the mature age of four she renounced all childish things and began to be reading Ivanhoe.

When I was younger I thought Sarah was perfect. She had everything a girl could want. She was beautiful, she could teach with grace, she played piano, and she always knew what to say and how to say it. I tried to copy everything she did and said. I held her in high honor.

Then there was me, Rose. I was clumsy, and wasn’t very pretty, and I had trouble speaking in normal situations (I seemed to always say the wrong thing).

When I was younger I was always comparing myself to Sarah, therefore I always came up as short, less than her, and not as good.
But as I got older, I realized that I couldn’t be like Sarah. I couldn’t possibly be who Sarah is. I was hard for me to realize this, but it finally sunk in.

Then a hard question came to mind: Who is Rose? I had been trying to be like Sarah for so long I didn’t know who I was.

Then bit by bit God showed me who Rose was. I found out I liked to crochet, bake, cross stitch, sing, and write poems and short stories. I found out who I was.

But over the years I’ve wondered at some things. I wondered if I could ever learn to speak like Sarah does. I wondered if I could watch the kids and keep order like Sarah does. I wondered if I could ever teach like Sarah does.

This week I was able to test out my skills. With Dad away at work and Mom and Sarah, working elections, I’ve been in charge of the kids and school.

I’ve learned three things this week.

1 I can be very uptight and controlling when I think I have to be.

2 I need to relax and love my family, even when I feel like I need to be controlling.

3 I love teaching. I’ve been learning so much by teaching my younger sisters. It’s so fun to help them learn.

I’ve learned that I can’t be Sarah, but I’m learning even more who Rose is. That is the best discovery I’ve made this week.

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  1. Hey Rose! :)
    For awhile, I felt as if I could never measure up to my older sisters either. But I finally realized I didn't have to be just like my sisters; God wanted me to be ME even with my quirkiness. And I soon learned God loved me in spite of my flaws and weaknesses and crazy, embarrassing, klutzy moments! :)

    It's been nice reading your posts! I enjoyed your poem, too :) In His love,


  2. Rose, thanks for posting while Sarah is away. I can relate to comparing myslef to other's. I am the oldest daughter in my family but I always wanted to be like my brother because he was smart, athletic, and played the piano better than I could. I think I have slowly begun to realize that God created me for a differnt purpose and that makes me special and unique just as I am.

  3. Haha, I was in the same place for the longest time and just recently She told me that she envied me:P. Crazy, I know!!! I guess it shows the importance with accepting the way God made us:).
    Thanks for sharing!
    -Angela Turack

  4. I recognize a lot of my characteristics in your description of yourself. Thanks for the encouragement.

  5. Rose you are rocking it out with the blog posting. I am so proud of you! You really have become a fantastic writer.
    I am sure all the pigtail pulling I did when you where little helped make you what you are today. heehee Just kidding.
    Luv you!

  6. Thank you for sharing your heart with us Rose! :) It's hard when we don't think we can measure up. I think it's part of the growing process to have to find out who God made YOU to be. :) He didn't make me into my mom, my sister, my aunt, my friends...just me. It's taken me awhile to be thankful for that too! I am the oldest, so I want to be controlling as well. ;) I am so glad you could learn these things while Sarah's been busy! :)

    God Bless!

  7. Thanks for sharing! I struggle with two of the things that you listed! I enjoyed your post very much! I have also enjoyed you posting for Sara!

    Enjoy your day!