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Writing on the Weekends 1

I did this for Writing on Weekends from Jessica’s blog Literary Pursuits.

Castle Tranquility seemed to be chiseled out of the on which it stood. Its grey stone and sun backed tile roof seemed to have been shaped out of surrounding bits of nature. Its stone walls had vines growing here, and moss there. The trees grew right in the middle of the large courtyard, and right up against the wall, as if they didn’t know that the castle had always been a part of the landscape.

Yes, Tranquility castle looked at one with God’s creation, but today, inside its walls, evil is lurking in the shadows. A most unnatural event is about to take place in the peaceful place.

Gladwin walks stealthily down the hall, careful not to wake anyone else this early in the morning. He clutches a dagger close to his side, not wanting it to scrap against the wall and wake someone. At the very end of the stone hallway, he slowly opens the door leading to Christopher’s room. As soon as it is opened wide enough, Gladwin steps in and closes the door behind him.

The dying embers in the fire place provide little light to navigate by, but Gladwin had lived in this castle long enough to know were Christopher’s bed was in relation to the fire. Slowly he made his way to the sleeping boy and leaned over him in the dark. Then quickly put his hand over his mouth and at the same time put his knife at his throat.

“Quiet!” He commanded as loud as he dared, as he felt the boy squirm and a fight against his hand that then suddenly stop when he felt the dagger at his throat. “Listen to me carefully if you want to live. Get dressed and get your sister out of the castle as fast as you can. Within an hour’s time you better be far from here or you will be dead. I don’t have time to explain further. Just get your sister and no one else, take your horses and get out of here.”


Christopher and his sister raced down the only pathway down the mountain. What had the just escaped? What was going on that had forced them to leave the only home that they had ever known?

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  1. Hey Sarah! That was great! Keep up the good work! I can't wait to read many more of your works!


  2. That was really good, Sarah! I love all of the mystery and intrigue in the story :)

  3. That was great! When is part two coming out? ;)

    Hope to see more of your stories.