What a day

9:17 AM

Yesterday started out fairly slow for me. We were all tired because we had been in the sun a lot on Sunday so we got up late. Mom had some errands to run in town, so she and some of my siblings left while the rest of us stayed home to recuperate.
Then it happened, around two o’clock we heard a gushing sound in the kitchen. Mom ran to see what it was and found that the pipe that took water to the sink had broken and water was spewing everywhere. We ran to the end of our driveway and shut the water off to the whole house.

For the next hour we were busy, checking around the kitchen and Mom's sewing nook to see how far the water had gone and drying everything that had gotten wet. Dad rushed home from work to come to our rescue. He and Mom fixed the pipe, and we all sat down thinking that this had been just a crazy day; little did we know that it wasn’t over yet.

While all the excitement had been going on, none of us had thought about the fact that the gate was standing wide open. It wasn’t till almost eleven o’clock that we someone noticed that the horse was gone. We spent about an hour looking before we found her, making it about 11:45 before we got to bed.

There was one bright spot to this day though: three baby chicks hatched. What was your day like?

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  1. Wow! That sure is a lot to handle! Sounds like you all kept you cool though. My day wasn't nearly so, ummm.... eventful. I just checked e-mail, wrote up some posts, etc. The usual. Doing chores, and enjoying my family. I am glad you were able to find your horse and that you got the pipe fixed.

    Big Hugs!

  2. That's a crazy day allright! Glad you all are dry now :)