Christmas party

3:11 PM

Tomorrow, my family and I are hosting a Christmas party at our house. My sister Rose, the office cookie maker in our house, has been hard at work all week to make several different types of cookies over the past week. We have been busy cleaning and getting the house ready for all the guests. Now, all is ready and tomorrow we will spend the better part of the day with the people we know.

If you were to come to our party tomorrow, you would see an interesting group of people. There will be some people from our church that will fit in real nicely. But as you looked around the room you might also see people from the local Wal-Mart and bank. If you talked with these people, you will find that they have different religious and political persuasions.

Way were all these different people here? Some of them are our friends and many of them are people who God has placed in our lives to minister to. So many people in this world are lonely because no one has the time for them. Many of the people that are coming tomorrow are people that have been forgotten by family and have few friends because everyone is too busy.

Take some time this Christmas season to make some of those forgotten people feel special and wanted.

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  1. Amen! I completely agree Sarah! Taking the time to make people feel loved and appreciated (especially during the Christmas season) is really important. This is the reason my family and I are singing at a local nursing home in a few weeks. A lot of elderly folks either don't have family or they don't have any relatives nearby. They love feeling loved and getting cards which shows that they have people thinking of them. One really special thing is kids and Teens. Because so few kids and teens actually take the time these days to visit the elderly, it really means a lot to the folks to have us their. As one lady at the nursing home told me... "It makes us feel like the next generation does care about us." So, we need to get out their this holiday season and make a difference in the Lords name!

    Love in Christ,