Christmas is Near

7:21 AM

Ah, it’s December and Christmas is drawing near. My family loves Christmas, but we celebrate it very differently than most people. First, we, the kid’s in the house, never know when Christmas is going to be. My mom and dad said that you never know when a baby is going to come, and babies rarely come on their due dates so why should we celebrate the birth of Jesus on the same day every year?

Christmas day is celebrated very differently as well. We don’t open all our gifts first thing in the morning, we space them out so that it takes all day. And so mom doesn’t get stuck in the kitchen, she sets out a bunch of special snack food and we eat all day long, no big fancy meal.

What is my favorite thing about Christmas? We spend the whole day doing fun things as a family.

What are some special traditions for Christmas or the Christmas season in your family?

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  1. In my family, we like to get up early(no earlier than five or six). We get up and (some of us) get dressed. We have a tradition that we wait on the stairs while our mom turns on some christmas music and turns on the Christmas tree lights. Next we take pictures of all of us sitting on the steps and waiting. Then it's finally time to open presents. After opening presents, My dad and I do our yearly tradition of making Christmas breakfast. It usually only takes about an hour with the both of us working. We have pancakes (Regular, banana nut, and sometimes we make a special homemade blueberry syrup!), eggs, bacon, sausage, and scrapple! Yummy! Then for the rest of the day, we snack on crackers and things and watch christmas movies together.

    It's really nice.