Thanksgiving Feast

8:19 AM

My wonderful Grandmother H. loves genealogy and has traced our roots far back into America’s early days. Thanksgiving is tomorrow and as I look back to the first thanksgiving celebrated by those families who fled to America for the freedom to worship as they saw fit, and one of their leaders, William Bradford, is my ever-so-great grandfather. He was also the one to write down the history of the pilgrims in I book that I have read and love called “Of Plymouth Plantation.”

To celebrate this thanksgiving my family is going up to wild waste lands of the north (a.k.a. Dallas) and spend thanksgiving with my ever-so-great (actually it is only one great) aunt and other relatives. What are you going to do this Thanksgiving?

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  1. I am currently helping my sister bake all our pies! Yummy! Then, thanksgiving day (tomorrow) I will be spending with my family at home. Cooking all the vittles and watching the parades.
    I am really excited because this year is my first year of working on the turkey myself! Of course, my mom will be there if I need help, but I will be taking out the giblets and salting it and stuffing it, and sewing it up and then cooking it! I have only ever helped make the stuffing and other foods, and observed my sister and Mom while they did the turkey. Last year, Rachel did it by herself and this year it is my turn. I'm so excited! I can't wait!

    Love in Christ,

  2. Wow! I can't believe your related to William Bradford! That's so cool! We have a family in our church who are like 14th generation of William Bradford! Which would mean you guys are related, too! Cool! Our family is celebrating thanksgiving here at home without relatives this year so it will be nice and relaxing! Jessica and I just finished the pies! Yippee! (I really want a piece right now! *wink*). Hope you have a great Thanksgiving!

    God Bless!

  3. Today (Thanksgiving day) we are spending the day at home. We did some cleaning in our storage room and found some boxes of mine and my sister's old baby clothes - so we had fun looking through those. Dad went out to chop some branches up, and we are getting food ready for dinner - turkey of course and a few other goodies. Yum!

  4. That's funny, our family is related to William Bradford too!

    This year for Thanksgiving, some of my family came over the weekend before Thanksgiving day for a few days, and we did the big dinner on Saturday night. Then, the day after Thanksgiving, we went to an all-day Thanksgiving party at another family's house. We had lots of fun! :)

    By the way, cute blog. :) I'll definitely have to come back!