God saved me by His grace when I was very young. I was watching a Donut Man which talked about the need for Jesus to fill your heart. I asked Jesus into my heart and have been following Christ ever since.

I don't have a compelling story to tell. I didn't fall into some of the sin patterns that make for great testimonies, but God has brought me through a lot and still continues to do so. I have struggled with legalism and the feeling that I could not to enough to please God. I have struggled with doubts, anxiety, and depression. I continue to battle my own pride, which is a sin as ugly as any that make for a compelling testimony.

I am not perfect, but God still shows His grace toward me. He has shown me how He takes my worst moments and turns them into something wonderful. He taught me a lot about loving others, to be content in His purpose, and much more.

I most often blog about my faith under the tags, faith, where faith takes you, and faith to start your week.