A Very Bookish Holiday Collections will continue!

1:00 AM

I'm so excited to tell you two more A Very Bookish installments! 

This year, A Very Bookish Thanksgiving will be releasing. I've already read some of the stories and you are in for a big treat. Five authors are part of this collection include me, Kelsey Bryant, Rebekah Jones, J. Grace Pennington, and Amanda Tero.

And next year.... We are going to have a 4th of July collection! We have the authors picked for this collection, me Kelsey Bryant, Rebekah Jones, Jessica Greyson, and Kate Willis. But it's in the early stages. But I'm so excited about this collection.

Also, there is a possibility that A Very Bookish Christmas will be coming back for this Christmas season before it goes away forever. 

So, keep and eye out! 

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