Holman Writing Adventure: August Recap

11:59 AM

While August Amazingness was going on, I have been pounding away. This month has been a very productive month. Just look at how my WriteMind calendar has filled out!

Now the real question: what do all those consistent work days and good word counts equal? Several really awesome things.

There was Always Laughter in Our House
Editing almost complete

Kate’s Case Files #3
First draft completed

Two short stories
First drafts completed

Book about Austin Disaster Relief Network
Moving into the fact checking phase

 I honestly didn’t expect to get this much done this month, but it has felt amazing. What projects do I hope to complete this month?

Finish editing Laughter and ADRN book
Publish the next Tales of Taelis short story
Start editing Escape and Endurance
Start writing Kate’s Case Files #4

What have you been up to this month?

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  1. Aaahh, so exciting! I'm in awe at all your work! :O Congrats! Best wishes on your projects for this month! :) August was a busy month for me, where I hardly seemed to be home, so I've put writing aside for awhile... I'm hoping to get back to it now! :) I love hearing writing updates, so thanks for sharing! ^_^