Writing Saturday: When a Writer Cries

8:19 AM

Tears do not come easy for me, even when they should. This week, I wanted to cry a few times, but the tears wouldn't come. Emotion bottled up inside of me and caused me issues, and I just wish they would come out in tears, but often I find that my release comes through the pen.

I still remember, as I was going through a very difficult time in my life, writing The Destiny of a Galaxy. So many emotions got poured into that book, even though very little of that book reflects what was really going on in my heart. However, I still remembering being in the middle of editing one of the chapters the book and finding myself weeping. There is still something about that chapter (chapter 16, for those of you who wanted to know) that evokes deep, bitter-sweet emotion within me. While that book holds the deepest of emotional connections, it is not the only one.

Adventures and Adversities explored and answered much of the doubt I was feeling at the time I was writing it.

Joseph of Arimathea was a victory celebration over my doubt.

One of my latest posts here on courage was the outpouring of a lot of emotion.

Often, when I cannot release what I am feeling in tears, I release it in words. The words I write become my tears and a release for the pain I hold inside. For this reason and others, when people ask me how I write, I often answer: “For the same reason I breathe: I have to.”

What is a book that has made you cry, or what book have you written that holds many of your tears?

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  1. I think the one book that has actually made me cry was Rainbow Garden by Patrica St John. The book I have written that has the most tears in it is Danger in the Distance and Carried Away. Both had a lot of my heart in them.
    Awesome post Sarah, I love you!

  2. Yes, yes to all of this. Words are, so often, my tears as well, especially for a few years there when so much was happening, I was just numb. I'd bottled up so much, I could no longer release it.

    Writing was my release, most of the emotion going into what is now the second volume of my Rizkaland Legends. Which I am currently in the process of rewriting. It's been a painful process pulling all of those emotions back out.

    And, for a book that has made me cry - well, I think the closest I've come was Elsie's Holidays by Martha Finley. There was so much raw emotion and near hopelessness in that story.

    1. I agree, Kendra. I'm not the crying type, but Elsie's Holidays made me cry, too. Love that book.

    2. I have never read Elsie's holiday, but it sounds powerful.

  3. Well, I can't think of a *book* persay that made me cry, but in Anne of Avonlea (or maybe Anne of the Island?) by L.M. Montgomery, the chapter where Ruby dies never fails to make me cry. For one thing, it's so sad, but it's also so beautiful to see the real Ruby underneath the mask she put on for her whole life.

    1. I thought that was the saddest part of the whole series. Ruby was such a fun character.