Writing Saturday: N is for Necklace

1:00 AM

Sometimes we all need a reminder that we can touch. Something that reminds us to live up to our highest ideals and standards, or to cling to our faith even when times are hard. Alditha, in Adventures and Adversities, has such an item. It is a wooden cross her mother gives her the right before she left her home.

Through out the story, this cross reminds her to stand up for what is right and cling to her faith. At times it is hard, and the reminder doesn't seem to be enough, but it is always there.

Does your character have something that reminds them of their faith, a promise they made, or someone they lost?

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  1. I always like little things like that in stories. I did one in mine as well, it was a lot of fun to write in a little reminder for the character.