Vacation is here!

2:25 PM

This week and next I am on vacation.  So, what do I use my vacation for?

Writing devotionals for this blog

Writing book reviews 
(catch these reviews on my blog soon)
Giveaway coming in July

Pursuit of a Thirsty Fool

The Rainbow Promise

Editing my Medieval book

Starting my FBI book
(Sneak peeks coming soon)

Oh and other non-writing things, too, like reading some awesome books
Love in Disguise

The Soldier's Cross

War Memorial: A Short Story

Courage (Makilien Trilogy - Book 2)

What are you doing for your vacation?

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  1. Oh! I'm reading that book by Carol Cox right now!

    If you need something else to write (that's quite a list!), I tagged you in this post:
    Feel free to participate or not, as you will.