Writing Saturday; A is for Anna

3:00 AM

Meet Anna
Yet to be named girl from Faith and Fortitude
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She is the main character in my book Adventures and Adversities.

Anna is still grieving over the loss of her only sister during the hard winter. However she always has a smile on her face.

Anna is brave but quiet.  She is shy, but she is also friendly.  She has a simple faith that blesses many, but she also has deep questions.

I can't wait to share Anna's story with you, so here is a sneak peek for my readers

“Look,” the steward began with a sigh.  “I have thousands of peasants that want to visit home.  Almost all the peasants who work here want to go back home, just for a visit, then they will conveniently forget to come back.  I’m sorry, but you can’t go.”
“Please, but my mother is ill, maybe even dying,” Anna pleaded, touching the steward's coarse homespun sleeve.
“I’m sorry, I can’t let you go, it’s not worth my head for you to be able to see your dying mother,” he said, sounding heartless to Anna’s already smarting heart.  “Unless you can find someone who will take the punishment if you don’t come back, my decisions stands.”
“I will take it,” a strong, masculine voice said.  

Copyright 2012 by Sarah Holman

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  1. This is *SO* good! :D I'm so excited about this project!!! JUADE!!! And how dare you leave me hanging like that in your story just when it was getting good too! ;D Lol! You always do that to me. ;) Hehe!

    Can't wait to read this one Sarah! :D
    Happy Writing!

  2. Oh, my goodness, Sarah! That last sentence *jaw drops*! My word!

    (Now, just so you know, it's spelled "dying" not "dyeing.")

    Happy Writing,