Wedding Photos at last!

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 It took us a while to get our photos and then it's taken me even longer to make up this post.

Scott asked me to marry him in June, on my birthday. We talked about when we wanted to get married. My sister Rose was headed out for a two-month mission trip. We knew that we would need to either have our wedding before or after her trip, as neither of us could imagine getting married without her there. After all, she was going to be my maid-of-honor.

September quickly became the month of choice, along with Sunday as a good day of the week, as Scott works for a Chick-fil-A and we wanted his co-workers to easily be able to make it.

I hadn't spent a lot of time picturing what my future wedding would look like, but I just loved how all the details came together. We did a Texas/country theme. We wanted to keep everything simple and not spend a fortune on the wedding. 

God was really gracious. Our first choices for venue fell through. We didn't want to book a traditional wedding venue, as they are so expensive. We found a community center that not only was a great location but a great price. 

Our wedding venue

Wedding day set up

Prepping the reception area

Scott prepping the stage

Scott and I getting the curtains that formed the backdrop for our wedding set up.

My dress and my flowers. 

A little bit of the detail.

As I entered.

My dad, passing on responsibility to Scott and presenting him with a sword.

Scott sharing the gospel

Scott's Dad leading in singing In Christ Alone


Exchanging vows

So, when we went to exchange rings, a funny thing happened. Even though we had reminded each other to give the rings to our maid-of-honor (my sister, Rose) and the best man (his older brother Ian) Ian hadn't been given the ring. The bridesmaids and groomsmen all scrambled to locate the ring. It finally took Scott leaving me to locate the ring. He handed it to Ian and this is the photo that captured us finally getting my ring.

Our rings. Didn't Scott pick out a great engagement ring for me? My wedding ring fits right with it.

Our first act as a married couple was to share the Lord's supper.

Our very first kiss. 

Photo time! Christina captured some great ones.

My parents

His parents

The wedding party. Which consisted of our siblings and my friend Kelsey.

Here are a few of the awesome photos Christina captured of us

Entering the reception

The cake my friend and neighbor Stephanie made. It was amazing!

This is Paul and he was the one that connected the Holman and Larkin families

Cutting the cake

Two of Scott's brothers presented us with a song during the reception

I always hated the bouquet toss at weddings. So, with the help of my sister and maid-of-honor, Rose, we made flowers for each single lady to take home.

Isn't it pretty?

Time to go!

My siblings did a great job decorating the car

And we were off!

So, what would you like to know about Scott and me? I'm planning on doing a Q&A to answer a lot of questions.

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  1. Hi Sarah! How have you been?

    Oh, I love those photos! And your dress and engagement ring are so pretty! I love the idea of giving all the single women a flower; it's such a sweet idea! My sister dreams of doing something similar when she gets married someday.

    Thank you so much for sharing photos of your guys' special day!

    P.s Oh, as for, what was your guys' favorite memory together while dating,(proposal not included)?

  2. Sarah, you made a beautiful bride. The wedding gown is gorgeous. Thank you for sharing your special day. Scott and you are a lovely couple. God Bless.

  3. Thank You Sarah for sharing your special day. The photos are lovely. You made a beautiful bride. Wishing you and Scott happiness,blessings and forever love.

  4. These are making me cry all over again! What beautiful, beautiful photos of a beautiful day. ^_^ Thank you for sharing these--I especially love the photos outside which I'd been so looking forward to seeing! I was so blessed to be there for your special day. May God continue to bless you both! <3

  5. Sarah, what a beautiful wedding! Love your dreamy wedding dress. =)