Scavenger hunt Winners

8:49 AM


Thank you to everyone who took part in the fun Scavenger Hunt to celebrate the release of Fanny's Hope Chest. 

Here is where everything was:

Cloth napkins set ~ Singing in the Rain

Dish set ~ Beyond the Literary Horizon

Quilt - Little Blossoms for Jesus

Towels ~ Kelsey's Notebook

Teas set ~ Tower of the Plains

An electric mixer ~ Resting Life

Salt and pepper shakers ~ Living outside the Lines

Spices ~ Life of Heritage

Baking pans ~ Showers of Blessings

Cookbooks ~ Abigail Harris

Box of recipes ~ Kate the Author

Measuring cup set - Read Another Page

And the winners are...
Rebekah D.
Abby E.
Lilly W.

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