Holman Writing Adventure: Kate's Christmas Update

7:00 AM

Hello, Kate's Case Files fans!

Doesn't Kate's Christmas feel like the book that is never going to come? I know for me it does! Waiting for it to be ready is like waiting for Christmas morning! It can't seem to come fast enough! I'm happy to report after a lot of delays, real progress has been made.

The real challenge in this book has been my life has been in the way of the editing. In a way though, that is helping the editing process go a little faster. I'm coming at this book with fresh eyes and eagerness to be doing anything writing-related. 

All well and good for me, but what does this mean for the reader? Well, I have probably about three more weeks of editing to do. At the end of August or beginning of September, it should be ready for professional editing by my favorite editor, Kelsey Bryant. I have a cover which I will start showing off probably in October when the book will go on preorder. The book  (Lord willing) should release late November. 

Are you excited? I know I am!

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  1. Excited?! Who, me?!?!? YESSSSSSS! I'm very exited! I can't wait to read it, and I can't wait to see the cover, and I just plain can't wait! ;)

  2. YAY!!! I love your Kate books, and Christmas books. The two Put together will be awesome. Can't wait!

  3. Sarah I hope you are feeling better.

  4. Congratulations on the Christmas books. Hope you are feeling better.